FUNPROBO is a non-profit organisation providing low income Bolivian amputees with prosthetic limbs.

Our Organisation

Our mission is to alleviate hopelessness and discrimination of low-income Bolivian amputees by providing them with high-quality ‘made-in-Bolivia’ prosthetics. The people that we work with have no other access to prosthetic devices. Prostheses are scarce, expensive and never covered by insurance.

Our vision is to create a network of full service prosthetic centers across Bolivia which will provide high quality dependable prosthetics, as well as full rehabilitation services, to all low-income Bolivian amputees.

We are a registered Bolivian non-profit organisation. Our name FUNPROBO is an abbreviation of Fundación Prótesis para Bolivia or The Bolivian Prosthetics Foundation. We operate from our center in La Paz and are supported by an international community of organisations, researchers and volunteers.

What we offer

We provide our patients with:

  • a made to measure, fitted prosthetic
  • emotional support in our centre
  • physiotherapy to teach patients how to walk and live with their new limb
  • ongoing prosthesis care, maintenance and repairs
  • access to a community of Bolivian amputees

Our Center

Our prosthetics are mostly made in our center in the heart of La Paz, Bolivia. Our center is called Centro de Miembros Artificiales or The Artificial Limbs Center. We have been open full time since 2011 and have recently moved premises and updated our equipment. Our center ethos is to:

  • create high quality, low cost prosthetics
  • ensure we are not detrimental to local businesses
  • use Bolivian materials
  • employ Bolivian staff
  • recruit international support to bring in additional resources

Our Outcomes

Our patients most commonly report that they have regained:

  • mobility
  • independence
  • self-respect
  • employment
  • hope

Para información en español sobre nuestras prótesis puedes ver nuestra página