There are many different ways you can help our project from wherever you are. Volunteers around the world help our center. Roles could vary from managing our Social Media, to designing posters, editing videos, contacting people on our behalf, creating inspirational materials, fundraising and much, much more. We just need people with a little bit of skill and a lot of desire to get involved. Your time commitments could vary from the odd half hour here and there to many hours a week, depending on what is feasible for you. If you are interested, please contact us and we can discuss where to go from there.


“I fell in love with the center during two short months in Bolivia and I wanted to stay involved after I left. 18 months on and I am still assisting the project, be it with accounts, the social media or the website. It is nice to spend an hour or two with a cup of tea and my laptop and be able to make a difference.”

~Charlotte, England.

 Available Volunteer Positions

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Software Developer

We need a GUI program to help us collect and display data about our patients.  A brief overview of the requirements are:

  • Written in Java – must run on Windows 7.
  • User data entry fields for basic patient specifics such as: name, address, phone, and more.
  • Allow modifications to data at any future time (such as to add additional data.)
  • Save this data in an Excel spreadsheet (this could be the primary or secondary datastore.)
  • Allow user to upload documents (PDF, Word, Photos, Videos) and then name them and store them in a specific location on the hard drive with specific naming criteria.
  • Display existing previously uploaded docs (launch native application, such as Adobe, to view.)
  • Allow user to search for specific existing data, such as recall all data of previously entered patient.
  • Generate printable reports of user data – customizable with filter criteria. Filter by range of Patient ID numbers, or by range of dates,or …
  • Menus in English and Spanish
  • Method for user to specify options, such as language, file destination, …

If you are able to take on this project for us, or have any questions at all, please get in touch.

Video Editor

We use videos to share our achievements and spread the word about our centre. We have some videos on our YouTube channel and some footage that we haven’t yet used. We would like someone with video-editing experience to help us modernise some of our older videos and create some new ones. If you think you can help or have any questions, please get in touch.

Poverty Researcher

Duration: flexible
Status: OPEN

This role can be done on site or remotely.
CMA needs someone to help us measure the scale of poverty in Bolivia. Using information from Progress Out of Poverty, the researcher will thoroughly examine the entire concept and report to CMA on effective measurement initiatives.


We require ongoing donations to keep our centre open. As a fundraiser you could raise money for us in whatever way you like, be it running a marathon, organising a football match, jumping out of a plane or securing corporate sponsorship. We can provide materials to help you promote your cause and will support you throughout the process. If you are interested or have any questions, please get in touch.

General Helper

There are many tasks to complete in order to keep our centre going. If you would like to help with jobs here and there, we would appreciate it greatly. The nature of this role, is sporadic, flexible work, but we would take your skills and experience in to consideration, to give you jobs that you want to get involved with. If you are interested or have any questions, please get in touch.

With all of our positions, we are happy to provide certificates of volunteer hours, for your CV or records.  Click here to apply.