“Volunteering for Funprobo was a humbling and wonderful experience. I met so many interesting people and it was a privilege to be able to help, even in a small way. Bolivia is an enchanting country and if you want to get out of the city, you can take a long weekend in some of the most breathtaking places in the world.”

 Available Volunteer (non-paying) Positions

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Certified Prosthetist Orthopedist

Duration: 2 weeks+
Status: OPEN

As a qualified and certified prosthetic orthotist you will be asked to help train our technician in new techniques as well as review and refine existing techniques. Our prosthetis has over 20 years of experience but very little in formal education.

For sockets we still use fiberglass but we are open to training with Polypropylene.  For feet we make a basic wood/rubber SACH foot but we are open to learning new designs and technologies for this also. You will also be asked to review, recommend and reinforce good office and workshop practices.  Your help will be invaluable as we work to improve a clinic which currently has basic capabilities into one which can grow in it’s range of offerings and expand to new locations across the country. This is our only short-term position which can range from 2 to 6 weeks depending on your availability and desire.

Contact us here: volunteer@funprobo.org


Duration: 1 month+
Status: OPEN

We are looking for a physiotherapist/disability therapist who can help to train our staff and perform physiotherapy with our patients. Your help will be invaluable in transforming our clinic, which currently has basic capabilities, into one which can grow in it’s range of offerings and expand to new locations across the country. You will need to be over 21, with some understanding or Spanish. We are open to physiotherapy students but prefer therapists who have experience working with amputees.

Please contact us on volunteer@funprobo.org with your details, CV and any questions you might have and we look forward to working with you.

3D Printing Engineer

Duration: 30 days minimum
Status: OPEN

We need an engineer with strong experience in 3D printing to design and implement the printing of prosthetic arms.
The research phase of this role can be done on site or remotely.

Please contact us on volunteer@funprobo.org with your details, CV and any questions you might have and we look forward to working with you.

Office Manager/Assistant

Duration: 1 months+
Status: OPEN

As an office manager or assistant you will be creating, implementing and enforcing procedures to improve how our center runs. The role is very flexible and offers experience in many areas; you will engage with patients, other organizations, patient records, marketing, supply chain and much, more. Specifically you will be expected to:

  • Ensure records remain up-to-date on paper and in our computerized database.
  • Following up with patients to coordinate appointment dates and follow-up reviews.
  • Perform and/or coordinate resupplying of the clinic with materials.
  • Perform and/or coordinate transmission of patient and device results to assisting international organizations.
  • Perform and/or coordinate our marketing/advertising out-reach program to ensure that all Bolivians are aware of, and have access to, our work.
  • Organize and coordinate our work with other affiliated clinics through-out Bolivia and South America (but note that currently we are the only clinic, but we do hope/expect to expand some  day)
  • Help to update our website
  • And more …

If you wish to only help with data entry as we begin to computerize all records then 1-2 weeks would be useful.

Please contact us on volunteer@funprobo.org with your details, CV and any questions you might have and we look forward to working with you.

Local and International Fund Raiser

Duration: 2 months+
Status: OPEN

This role is only available to volunteers with 2 months+ experience with Funprobo in another capacity.

Since we offer all of our services as close to free as possible a constant source of funding is extremely helpful.  We solicit funding from both Bolivian donors (individuals and companies) as well as from international sources.  Being directly affiliated with a local Rotary club in La Paz our first obvious source of help is from other Rotary clubs but this should not be considered the end of the story.  Note that this the only position that does not actually require that you be physically present in Bolivia.  Everything can be done with an Internet connection from your home if you so desire.

As the chief fund raiser you will work alone and/or with other clinic members to:

  • Design, produce and promote an advertising campaign and material for print, radioand/or TV
  • Search for and contact Rotary clubs (both Bolivian and international) to request their help.
  • Search for and contact other international organizations to request their help.
  • Provide input to our web site in regards to this fund-raising
  • And more …..

apply here

General ‘Handyperson’

Duration: 45 days minimum
Status: OPEN

In this position you would be responsible for generally fixing and improving various aspects of the clinic facility and maybe also helping the prosthetist at times.   Requires someone with a good bit of experience working with hand and power tools, as well as electricity.  Not necessarily professional, but at least as a hobby working at home and/or in the garage on multiple projects over the years. Someone who really enjoys working with their hands and has built / fixed things in the past. Expect to describe your experience.

Please contact us on volunteer@funprobo.org with your details, CV and any questions you might have and we look forward to working with you.

US to Bolivia Courier

We need material donations from US donors/organizations to be transported to Bolivia. We would be exceedingly grateful for travellers to act as couriers and bring them down to the center for us, to avoid the huge shipping/airmail costs. These can be brought in your personal bag or carried on as extra luggage. Lets us know and we will safely coordinate this and pay for your excessive baggage fees. In La Paz, please stop by to see our progress if you have the time and perhaps even lend a hand. We would be happy to show you around. Send us an e-mail with any questions, ideas, referrals-anything that might further our cause.

Contact us here

Software Developer

Duration: flexible
Status: Temporarily on hold

This role can be done on site or remotely.
CMA needs a GUI program to help us collect and display data about our patients.  A brief overview of the requirements are:

  • Written in Java – must run on Windows 7.
  • User data entry fields for basic patient specifics such as: name, address, phone, and more.
  • Allow modifications to data at any future time (such as to add additional data.)
  • Save this data in an Excel spreadsheet (this could be the primary or secondary datastore.)
  • Allow user to upload documents (PDF, Word, Photos, Videos) and then name them and store them in a specific location on the hard drive with specific naming criteria.
  • Display existing previously uploaded docs (launch native application, such as Adobe, to view.)
  • Allow user to search for specific existing data, such as recall all data of previously entered patient.
  • Generate printable reports of user data – customizable with filter criteria. Filter by range of Patient ID numbers, or by range of dates, or …
  • Menus in English and Spanish
  • Method for user to specify options, such as language, file destination, …

Please contact us on volunteer@funprobo.org with your details, CV and any questions you might have and we look forward to working with you.

You can volunteer for any one, or even all, of the above described positions, or mix and match activities between roles. You can also volunteer to do only part of one job if you do not feel you have the time or abilities for the entire job. It is not necessary that you can perform every single bullet point listed but each position is described in this  detail so you can get the full scope of what you could do.  We are very open to any help you can provide.
If all this sounds appealing, yet a little overwhelming, do not let that hold you back from volunteering. As noted above no prior experience in this field is necessary. Only the drive, the desire and ability to work with your hands, as well as your brain, to make a big change in the lives of handicapped people.

With all of our positions, we are happy to provide certificates of volunteer hours, for your CV or records. 



You must be over 21 to volunteer with us. Unless otherwise stated, roles do not require any previous experience. You need to have the desire to do a good job and be an organized, self-motivating, reliable person. You need to follow through on tasks and take charge when needed. Most importantly we need you to be respectful and sensitive to the needs of our patients.

Fees and Expenses

We do not believe in charging our volunteers fees. However, in general, you will be expected to pay your own travel and daily expenses for food, lodging and transportation. Note that this general statement can be negotiable depending on your experience, position, abilities and commitment level. Bolivia is a VERY inexpensive country and daily expenses usually range from $15 – $40 per day depending on your desired lifestyle and comfort level. For more about the cost of living head over to our Life As A Volunteer page.

Spanish Level

Having basic Spanish makes life in Bolivia easier; you will get to know the country, people and culture at a deeper level. However many Bolivians speak English, including several in our clinic who will happily help you to handle more complicated situations. If you want to learn or improve, we recommend a great school here in La Paz called Pico Verde.

Visa Requirements
People of most nationalities can stay in Bolivia for 90 days without a visa. Beyond that you will usually need a 1 year residency visa.  You can find useful information about obtaining this visa on the BoliviaBella pages.

If you have decided that you would like to volunteer with us, the application process is very informal. Please send your details, CV and initial queries to volunteer@funprobo.org

Following that initial email please apply here with a bit more detail and we will get back to you quickly to discuss when and where you can fit in with us.

Time Commitments 
We offer short, medium and long term positions, from one month to several years. Specific durations are listed with positions. Due to the semi-complex nature of most jobs it is beneficial to the patients and clinic if you stay as long as possible. Hours vary according to your position and what you are doing on a given day. This can be 1 – 8 hours a day, 5 – 7 days a week.  Working extended hours and days will be up to you and not required, nor expected, of you.

More Info

To read more about what it’s like to volunteer with Funprobo, head over to the Life As A Volunteer page. If you have any questions or want to speak to a previous volunteer, please feel free to get in touch…