Volunteers urgently needed:
Physical Therapist. Experience working with amputees and prostheses is a major plus.

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Help Us Change Lives

In Bolivia, a large number of people lack the necessary income for good healthcare. For them losing a limb means losing mobility and independence. Without mobility, many lose their jobs, families and futures. But we at FUNPROBO are changing that.

FUNPROBO is a non-profit organisation providing low income Bolivian amputees with prosthetic limbs. We are the only Bolivian prosthesis centre that focusses on low income patients, despite the enormous need. Utilising international expertise, our Bolivian technicians create high quality, low cost prostheses for those in need. We use Bolivian materials and operate out of our self-sustaining center in the heart of the capital, La Paz.

Dignity. Family. Hope. Bolivian amputees can lose more than just a limb. But we can change that.

Want to Learn More?

Read Our Story of how FUNPROBO came about. Get to know more about Our Patients. Look into Volunteering In Bolivia or Volunteering From Home. Do you like what we do? Donate now and make a real difference to the lives of low-income Bolivian amputees.

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